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Tips for Traveling with Kids in Europe

toddler-in-italyWhen parents tell me they’re going to Europe and ask me where to take their kids, I’m tempted to answer, “to Grandma and Grandpa’s on your way to the airport.”

It’s easy to make the case against taking the kids along. A European vacation with kids in tow is much more about playgrounds and petting zoos than about museums and churches. And traveling with kids is expensive. Out of exhaustion and frustration, you may opt for pricey conveniences like taxis and the first restaurant you find with a kid-friendly menu. Two adults with kids spend twice as much to experience about half the magic of Europe per day than they might without.
But if you can afford it and don’t mind accomplishing less as adult sightseers, traveling with your children can be great family fun, creating piles of lifelong memories. Moreover, it’s great parenting, as it helps get kids comfortable with the wider world.

With kids, you’ll live more like a European and less like a tourist. Your children become your ambassadors, opening doors to new experiences and relationships. Your child will be your ticket to countless

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20 Tips Before Traveling Internationally

tzoo.hd_.10109.0.276122.Tokyo_-1024x512If this is your first time traveling abroad, or maybe you just need a refresher here’s a list of 20 tips you should do or bring before your trip.

Security & Health

1. Check-in with your doctor and insurance carrier. Double check and make sure that you have all of the proper vaccinations and that you have renewed all essential prescriptions. Also, ask you medical insurance provider if your policy applies overseas for emergencies. If it doesn’t, and you want to add extra coverage, consider supplemental insurance.

2. Bring copies of your passport. If your passport gets stolen or lost you want to be sure that you can still get back into the country, or be able to prove your citizenship.

3. Leave a copy of your passport. For extra backup, leave a copy of your passport at home or with someone you trust. Consider making an electronic copy you can store in your email account as well.

4. Register with your embassy. If there’s a problem in the country, this will make it easier for your government to contact you and get you to safety.



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Top Travel Packing Tips for Traveling in Style

maxresdefaultAre you planning on taking a trip? Well, before you do, here are some of the top travel packing tips and tricks for travelling in style.
First, you need a really good bag to pack all your luggage in. One that is sturdy, has wheels (there is nothing worse than lugging around a 20kg bag) and if you want to save yourself time at the luggage carousel, then choose a bag in bright colours or bold prints – this really helps locate your bag.

What to Pack for a Trip

How many times have you packed far too much clothing for a trip and not worn even half of it? This happens quite often because, as women, we love to have plenty of options. But when it comes to travel packing you can save yourself a lot of time and effort by sticking to a few simple rules.

Depending on your destination and the season, pack a capsule wardrobe consisting of ten to twelve items of clothing that are durable, easy to wash and quick-drying, lend themselves well to a variety of

Great Time with Toronto Party Bus Rental

My friends and I decided to have a really awesome time at a playoff basketball game a few months ago, and I should have gotten around to writing about this sooner. I think I mentioned it, but I didn’t really go into detail about how awesome it was. We rented a party bus to take us to the basketball game, and we got it from the Toronto Diamond limo party bus company. They rented it to us for a pretty good rate, from what I saw in comparing their rates to a few other companies in the area, and in general, it was a really awesome experience.

I hope that we get to do it again sometime soon, but it was kind of expensive when everything was said and done. Of course, you don’t rent a party bus for a playoff basketball game and expect your outing to be cheap. I managed to get my ticket for free, because I have a good friend that had some extra tickets. Most of my other friends who went though all had to pay for their tickets. I chipped in a little bit more than the rest

A Party Bus for the Prom

My daughter and her friends have been talking about one thing for at least two years. They were all excited about going to their prom, and it seemed that time arrived here quicker than I could have ever imagined. Of course, for them, it was the slowest two year period ever. To be young again like that where time freezes! Anyway, when prom time came, my daughter went online and looked up prom party bus Toronto limo. She and her close friends already had their dates, and their gowns were already ordered.

When I told her that I thought that it was the guys who arranged the transportation, she just gave me a look like I was living in the dark ages. Continue reading

Taking a Walk Along the Great Ocean Road

Australia is one of the most popular destinations for tourists from around the globe. Australia is famous for its natural beauty and landmark structures such as the Sydney Opera House. One of the most popular places in Australia is the Great Ocean Road. The Great Ocean Road runs between the cities of Allansford and Torquay in Victoria. It is one of the longest running roads in Australia, stretching for a distance of 243 kilometres. The road is almost a century old, and is regarded as a heritage site.

The History

The Australian army played a very important role in the First World War. At the time of the War, the population of the country was less than five million. Out of this figure, 416,809 men enlisted in the army. More than 60,000 soldiers were killed in battle, while more than 150,000 were wounded and taken prisoner. The First World War was a gruelling affair, and after four years of relentless fighting, all the countries were exhausted. When the war ended and the Australian army returned home, the soldiers were asked to create a road in order to honour the lives of those who had died

How to Sleep While Camping

> Choosing the Right Sleeping Platform:

  • Self-Inflating Foam Pads: These pads offer a combination of foam and air. Air fills the pad automatically when you open the pad’s valve.
  • Air Pads: These pads use air for cushioning and must be manually inflated. Some models include an external pump or integrated hand pump for inflating the pad.
  • Foam Pads: These pads are a camping basic that feature a dense foam filling.
  • Air Mattresses: These use air for comfort and are much thicker than the pads used for camping. They are considered the closest to a real bed that you can get and are typically sized to be used with regular sheets.
  • Cots: For use in campgrounds or other similar long-term uses, cots keep you a comfortable distance from the ground and can typically be set up easily by one person.
  • Hammocks: These are made of rope mesh and suspended by cords at the ends.
  • Other sleeping-aids: pillows, eye masks, ear plugs, neck pillows and flashlight.

> Basic Tips for Sleeping Outside:

Ensure you have set your tent on a flat, durable surface and avoid placing it on rocks, tree roots or pine cones.
Prepare for your new surroundings and embrace the experience by ignoring any temporary inconveniences. Voluntarily immerse yourself

18 Travel Beauty Tips

1. Moisturize

Apply intense moisturizer the night before you are going to fly. This will help increase hydration in your skin before you’re exposed to the dehydrating effects of cabin pressure, says Risi-Leanne Baranza, editor in chief of Palacinka.com, a beauty and spa industry publication.

2. Forgo the Foundation

Skip foundation on the day of your trip, and instead wear only moisturizer. Before you land, add a tinted moisturizer for a fresh, healthy look, says Baranza. If you just can’t leave the house without some foundation, celebrity makeup artist A.J. Crimson says be sure to put on a primer first — a silicone-based liquid or cream that puts a layer of protection between skin and makeup. It will help foundation and blush last longer and help keep your skin from becoming dehydrated.

3. Mist With Mineral Water

To refresh makeup while traveling, never glob on more foundation or blush. Instead, use a mister of mineral water and add a dab of moisturizer, says Los Angeles makeup artist Beth Binder.

4. Blot Out Oily Skin

To keep oily skin from getting out of control while traveling, bring blotting papers or rice papers and dab the “T” zone as often as necessary, says Crimson. “You’ll dab up the shine

Researching Your Trip

Europe is always changing, and it’s essential to plan and travel with the most up-to-date information. Study before you go. Guidebooks, maps, travel apps, and websites are all key resources in getting started.
While information is what keeps you afloat, too much can sink the ship. So winnow down your resources to what best suits your travel needs and interests. WWII buffs research battle sites, wine lovers brainstorm a wish list of wineries, and MacGregors locate their clan’s castles in Scotland.
A word of warning as you hatch your plans: Understand what shapes the information that shapes your travel dreams. Information you seek out yourself is likely to be impartial, whereas information that comes at you is propelled by business. Many printed publications and websites are supported by advertisers who have products and services to sell; their information is often useful, but it’s not necessarily unbiased. And don’t believe everything you read. The power of the printed or pixelated word is scary. Many sources are peppered with information that is flat-out wrong. (Incredibly enough, even my books may have an error.) Some “writers” succumb to the temptation to write travelogues based on hearsay, travel brochures, other books, public-relations junkets, and

Comparing Bus Tours

Taking a bus tour can be a good choice if your European vacation time is limited — but you’ll want to carefully consider your options before signing up. Offerings range from luxury we-handle-everything bus tours for smaller groups to comfortable midrange tours (like mine, which are also for smaller groups) to low-end, pack-‘em-in, big-bus operators for large groups. In nearly all cases, the bus itself will be luxurious and fairly new, with a high, quiet ride, comfy seats, air-conditioning, and a toilet on board.

Choosing a Tour

Would you rather travel with a group of 48 or 28? Change hotels every night or enjoy two-night stays? There are plenty of variables to consider when comparing the fully guided tours offered by travel companies.
And there are hundreds to choose from. The predictable biggies range from high-end expensive (Abercrombie & Kent, Maupintour, and Tauck) to low-end cheap (Cosmos, Globus, Insight, and Trafalgar).
No matter which tour company you go with, it’s important to do your research. Start by browsing your options online, asking friends, or talking to a travel agent for advice. In general, a typical big-bus tour has a professional, multilingual European guide and 40 to 50 travelers. The tour company is

Tips for Travelers with Disabilities

The creaky, cobblestoned Old World has long had a reputation for poor accessibility. It’s the very charm of Europe — old, well-preserved, diverse, and different from home — that often adds to the barriers. But Europe has made some impressive advances toward opening its doors to everyone, including travelers with limited mobility.

I’m inspired by the fact that, wherever I go in Europe, I see locals with disabilities. The days of “hiding” disability are over: On the streets, in the museums, in the restaurants, and on the trains, you’ll see people using wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, and canes to get around. If people with disabilities can live rich and full lives in Europe, then travelers with disabilities can certainly have an enjoyable and worthwhile vacation there, too.
Anyone with adventure in their soul can take advantage of all Europe has to offer. Levels of personal mobility vary tremendously from person to person. You need to consider your own situation very thoughtfully in choosing which attractions to visit, which hotels to sleep in, which restaurants to dine at…and which things you might want to avoid.

Top Tips

John Sage owns Sage Traveling, which plans and books accessible travel to Europe. John has taken his wheelchair

7 packing tips and tricks to make traveling easier

1. Don’t ruin that pressed collar.

Using the old shower trick to de-wrinkle a dress shirt while traveling is most likely the last thing you want to do when you arrive. However, a belt is an easy way to keep the collar of a woven shirt looking neat and stiff. Roll the belt around the collar, so it acts as a mold for keeping the collar in place.

2. Take advantage of shoes.

Worried about dirtying your clothes with shoes? Use an old shower cap or take one from the hotel and use it to cover the bottom of shoes, so it keeps the clothes clean in the suitcase. Then instead of weighing down the luggage with shoe trees, roll socks and stuff them in the shoes. They work just as well for preserving the shoe’s shape. When packing, the shoes need to go in the suitcase first as this prevents the suitcase from becoming top-heavy and toppling over.

3. Make use of garment bags.

Next time you pick up the dry cleaning, make sure to save the bags for packing. The plastic bags work especially well for wrinkle-prone clothing because they help reduce friction, which ultimately causes wrinkling. Place the clothes face down on

Five travel tips to keep your outfits looking their best

Frequent travelers who value fashion and style know it can be extremely difficult to keep outfits looking their best after hours in a suitcase. It takes packing correctly and handling your apparel effectively once at your destination to accomplish this challenging feat.

Here are five travel tips and tricks to looking your best while embarking on your future adventures:

1. Roll roll roll
Many travelers wouldn’t expect this, but when packing your clothes, try to refrain from folding them. Instead, roll clothes, especially cotton items, to avoid unwanted wrinkles. According to Conde Nast Traveler, another significant benefit of the rolling method applies to those who tend to overstuff their suitcase. Rolling can open up a lot of extra space compared to folding, enabling you to fit all of your belongings without having to pick and choose what should be left behind. However, the news source was quick to remind travelers not to forget about the potential dreaded extra weight fee for your bag.

2. Don’t wait – hang ’em up!
It may sound obvious, but always be sure to hang up your clothes. A lot of people get to their accommodation and don’t unpack their bags. Suddenly a week goes by and they’re

5 steps to packing your suitcase for a work trip

Packing a suitcase for business travel can be a daunting task. Not only do you have to fit the regular travel necessities into your luggage, now you have suits, presentation materials and electronic devices to add to the pile of belongings to make room for.

In addition to fitting these items, ensuring that clothing doesn’t get wrinkled and work materials aren’t ruined during your flight is crucial. How do you pull this off? Here are five travel tips and tricks to packing for a business trip without hassle or inconvenience.

1. The right bag makes all the difference
Most people who travel frequently for business try to take only a carry-on with them, as checking luggage comes with numerous disadvantages in addition to extra expenses. Who wants to risk their bags getting lost or being late to a meeting because the baggage claim was delayed? This is why choosing the right travel bag is essential.

Real Men Real Style recommended a rolling suitcase that fits the general carry-on dimensions required by most airlines, which is currently 22″ X 13″ X 9″. A bag this size will fit into the overhead bin and is large enough to fit the must-have items for business trips.

How to be a considerate airline traveler

Every traveler who has ever boarded an airplane knows that there are several annoying habits that can really drive fellow passengers crazy. Whether it’s the passenger in front of you with his seat all the way back the whole trip, or the one sitting next to you blasting her music as if no one else can hear, there’s always someone that aggravates surrounding passengers. Don’t be that traveler. Be self-aware and follow these travel tips to be a more considerate airline passenger.

When boarding
When the airline attendant makes the announcement that it’s time to board the plane, there’s no need to jump up and run to the door. As long as you’re in your departure gate’s general area and you have your ticket, you won’t be left behind. A lot of travelers like to gather around the gate before the boarding process has even begun. Fox News noted that it’s important you don’t block the gate when you’re in one of the last sections to be called. Although you may be eager to get to your destination, try to relax and wait until the proper time to get in line. This will make the process much easier, not only for

10 of the best nighttime adventures

Adventure travelers know better than anyone that nighttime excursions are often the most fun. There’s something about paradise after the sun sets that turns it into a mysterious land that ought to be explored.

Whether you’re visiting the snowy mountains of British Colombia or kicking back on the sandy shores of Puerto Rico, travelers are sure to find an exciting nighttime activity to keep things interesting after sundown. According to online travel sources, these are some of the best adventures for travelers after dark.

1. Hang out at a nighttime zoo
Always wanted to know what nocturnal animals are up to while everyone else is sleeping? Find out at Singapore’s renowned nighttime zoo. Known as one of the first zoos to be open after dark, Night Safari attracts over 1 million visitors every year with the rare 7 p.m. to midnight operating hours. Travel and Leisure recommended this zoo for travelers who aren’t afraid to get up close and personal with sloths, jackals and the like on foot or via tram cars.

2. Explore historic ruins
According to CNN, one of the most enticing excursions for travelers without a strict bedtime is the exploration of the ancient sandstone temples and tombs of Petra,

How to avoid the frustration of lost luggage

One of the most aggravating things that can happen to travelers is losing luggage. These are some useful travel tips that will help save you from the horrors of arriving to your destination without your belongings:

How to pack
If possible, pack light and bring only carry-on luggage, as this will eliminate any fears that your bags could vanish. Student Travel advised that you review the TSA rules for carry-on luggage, including packing the right amount of liquid and gels.

USA Today also suggested shipping your suitcase to your destination through services such as FedEx. It usually costs about $40 per bag, but it could prevent a lot of unwanted stress. It’s also important to try to avoid packing any unnecessary valuables such as jewelry, for if they are lost, you can’t claim them.

One of the worst aspects of losing your luggage is not having access to belongings you need within 24 hours. USA Today recommended carrying on all the items you may need, such as medications, in accordance with TSA rules, which require you to declare items like these before your flight.

Always be sure to label your suitcase on both the inside and outside before you check it in. Most

Health tips and tricks for travelling abroad

Travelling outside the country can be a headache-inducing experience when you begin to factor in everything you need. From passports and health documents to international cellphones and chargers, getting all your needs in line for a vacation abroad is not an easy feat.

If you’re stressing out over an upcoming holiday or business trip that’s outside of the country, don’t fret – just follow these travel tips and tricks and you’ll have a healthy journey:

Check on your health
Before you head out of the country, you will need to undergo a health assessment at least six weeks before your trip to ensure that your body is healthy enough to travel. Venturing outside of the country can make you more prone to getting sick, so it’s important that your health is in its best condition. Depending on where you are travelling to, it may be required that you receive vaccines for certain illnesses, such as typhoid, yellow fever or hepatitis. Many of these vaccines are only recommended, but the World Health Organization’s International Health Regulations do require travellers to have been vaccinated for yellow fever before entering South American or African countries. Either your personal health care provider or a travel health


With the holiday season sneaking up on us, it’s officially time to start making winter travel plans. Whether you’re jet setting off for Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s, traveling this time of the year is always a crowded and chaotic feat.

Here, six key ways to make your holiday vacation more affordable:

1) Don’t book too far in advance. According to Rosner, “people like to book their travel plans way too far in advance, which sometimes leads to overpaying for something you could’ve gotten a discount on. For example, Stayful allows you to only book 30 days out and the hotels are willing to give you a better price because they are looking to fill the void of the unsold rooms.”

2) Be flexible with your vacation dates. Rosner recommends traveling during the work week, when airfare prices are lower.

3) Book your trip on a Tuesday. Tuesday is the best day of the week for saving money on booking hotels, travel and flights, says Rosner.

4) Opt for a city getaway. “People are leaving the big cities during the holiday time. Think NYC, Boston, Chicago. These cities are full of holiday cheer and if you stay on Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day, you are



I cannot overemphasize this! By nature, when it comes to traveling at least, I am a “winger”. Meaning, yes, I like to have my tickets booked in advance… but things like hotels and itineraries, and places to go, well, I’ve always thought those were best left to “feel” my way through once I hit the ground. But a baby changes everything! I could not have done this trip well unless I had put some thought into it ahead of time: what I would bring, what I would borrow, where I would stay and go, and how I would get from place to place. You get the idea. Plan it baby, plan it!


I had one suitcase, one diaper bag as my only carry-on, and a stroller (plus my precious baby cargo) and it still felt like a mountain of gear! If you travel with more than one suitcase and more than one carry-on… you’re asking for trouble! (I speak from experience. Even though I left Australia with what I’m recommending here… I returned with twice that!) If possible, avoid too much luggage… or at least think about it long and hard before biting off more than

Tips and Tricks For Cooking on a Camping Trip


The cookware you use really comes down to if you are backpacking or car camping. If you’ll have easy access to your car you won’t need to worry about weight at all, go with the tried and true cast iron. Outdoorsmen have been using cast iron to cook up hearty meals over the campfire for centuries and there is a reason for that; it’s built to last. There are three essential pieces of cast iron that you can buy that will allow you to cook almost anything you can think of. A pan, for things like eggs and meats. A Dutch oven for stews, soups and baked goods such as cornbread and biscuits. And a pie iron for simple, hot and cheesy grilled sandwiches.

If you’ll be in the backcountry and need to carry everything in your backpack a small aluminum or titanium pot or pan will do since your food options will be limited to things you can easily transport anyways. Lightweight pans also double as plates cutting down on what you need to fill your pack with.

Aluminum foil is also a necessity to pack for your camp kitchen that doesn’t take up much room. Foil comes in handy when